I recently got this wonderful Homey pillow from Dorothy Jeanne, a vintage, home and paper goods shop. I love the fun, home-shaped pattern. I'm a sucker for anything geometric and yellow. It sits perfectly on my rocker and looks great in my bedroom, too. Like rugs, pillows are fun and affordable ways to tweak a space.

Dorothy Jeanne is run by Amanda Knee who's a talented graphic designer and decorator from Portland. She's a vintage vulture just like many of us and she's super sweet, too. All wins in my book! She also has a lovely blog on home renovations with cool before and afters.

And here are other goodies from her shop —

tea towel  /  print  /  bowl  /  pillow  /  card  /  watering can

Amanda tells us how she came up with the name of her shop

My grandmas are the inspiration for the name, since both of them had a huge influence on me growing up in Iowa. Dorothy gave me an appreciation for collecting vintage items, "junkin" as she called it and Jeanne encouraged my creativity and taught me to paint, draw and sew.

Melt my heart.