I've always loved plants but my love for gardening didn't start growing til I worked at a gardening company. It didn't help that I was also bit by the Jungalow bug. And now, I want nothing but plants in my home. I wanted to learn more so I was looking for a gardening magazine that was like Apartamento, unconventional, cool, quirky, but I couldn't find any. Then, Satsuki told me about this new magazine called Wilder Quarterly and after visiting their site, I was sold. It's a beautiful magazine for all you plant/nature/foody enthusiasts. Cool Hunting gives an excellent review about it so check it out. You know me, I'm not much of a reviewer. My reviews are like this — SOLD! YES! or YUMMY! Ha. Anyway, grab a copy of Wilder and get wild with nature! Grow some green fingers!

That's all, folks, have a wonderful weekend!