Whoa, it's June and it's Friday?! What the what?! Anyway, I've been walking around a lot and taking the bus because my car, Walter is kaputzo. It died last weekend while I was on the freeway. It's gonna cost an arm and a leg to get it fixed so I'm kinda bummed. I've been saving money to move to New York for the summer which I'm still gonna do but it might be pushed back a few weeks. There has been a string of minor misfortunes ever since I moved to my new house. I'm totally blaming it on this place. It's hella cursed, like American Horror Story cursed. Maybe not as creepy. I'm staying positive because that's what you gotta do. Still working on new stuff for the shop. Get ready for a launch soon. Home goods + prints are making its way back. In the meantime, check out these lovely places —

+  Catching Santigold tonight at the Nokia Theatre.
+  Justina's Baby Boomba room on Design Sponge.
+  New collection of lamps from Ana Kraš. Give me everythannng!
+  Faith Blakeney's Tastemaker's sale on One Kings Lane.

Have a super weekend!