San Francisco was so much fun. It was a last minute trip so I took the Chinatown bus on Friday morning for $45. Best deal ever! I got into city at 6pm and my friends picked me up and had dinner at a seafood restaurant before we got wild and crazy that night. Saturday, we mozied over to Dolores Park and caught up with old friends and got a nice tan. We were all pretty much wasted the entire weekend. Well, except Sunday when we opted out on the parade and indulged in mimosas and oysters at Hog & Rocks instead. Can't go wrong with dollar oysters! Those fingers in that oyster photo are my crazy friends calling dibs. Out of control. I wanna thank you for all the ice cream recommendations! I wanted to try Bi-Rite but the line was insane so I went to Smitten. It was delicious! Probably the best fresh mint I've ever tasted! Better than Sweet Rose Creamery in LA. Anyway, the weather was my kind of weather, sunny with a nice crisp breeze. I love this city and I can never get enough of it.