Hey! It's officially summer and it's the weekend! Hooray! I better see double fisting ice cream action from you! I went to Sweet Rose Creamery twice last week. Tried their fresh mint, loquat and toasted almond. All so creamy and delicious. They also have sorbets but why would you want sorbaaay? Am I right? It's in Brentwood aka yuppyville. So, just go there for the ice cream then high tail it out of there.

I'm heading up to San Francisco for Pride weekend. I'm wicked excited. It's been awhile since I played in the city. I'm gonna try to hit up all the yummy ice creameries. Any recommendations? I might need an ice cream play date, too, because all my guyals are only into oysters. Who's up for some?! Alright, have a super duper weekend!