Han and I escaped to Desert Hot Springs last weekend for a creative, romantic retreat. One of my living social deals was going to expire so I scooped her along, because she's pretty much my heartmate nowadays. I first met Han in 8th grade and we had an English class together. We connected over No Doubt and Tori Amos. She was this really cool, stylish and boisterous girl who I really admired, and still do. We followed each other to high school where we got even closer and came out to each other. She was way into Natalie Imbruglia while I was way into the Savage Garden guys. Not embarrassed! Ha! We were inseparable. We went to college in Santa Cruz and even shared the same major in printmaking. I'm so lucky to have such an awesome partner in creative crimes! Love her. So, back to the desert. We took a million photos at Joshua Tree. I don't wanna dump all the photos at once, so I'll just spread them out this week. Can't wait to share more fieeeerce photos. You can also check out my instagram desert rampage.