I've been making far too many trips to the auto shop this year to fix up my Jetta station wagon, Walter. And it just thrills me to spend my days off there but, as you can see above, I was still able to find beauty amidst the grime! Anyway, I'm ready to ditch Walter and get something old brand new! As much as I would love a sweet, vintage car ride, like these —

1970s Corolla

Datsun 510 wagon

or this orange BMW 2002tii that continues to haunt me everywhere I go, I'm a little apprehensive. I don't know what the upkeep is like for a vintage car, and I would hate for my new baby to give me grief like my current Walter. I've been researching a few models and the new Prius is definitely on my radar. I hear lots of glowing reviews about it. So many of my friends cruise around town and they all gush over it! But, I might just get a Honda Civic and call it a day. Yeah, they're kinda uninspiring but so reliable! I have a very small budget so I need a cheap car. What do you guys think? Any car recommendations? Tell me your stories.

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