Typically, I jump straight into a shower after a semi-long flight. So when I returned home from my adventures in Hawaii, I tossed everything on the floor and skipped to my bathroom to get the water warmed up. After letting it run for a couple of minutes, I jumped in thinking it would be hot, because it usually is within 30 seconds, but it wasn't. It was ice cold. It was so cold, it burned. And, it was a cold day too. Don't let all that light in the photos fool you. LA weather can be deceiving like that.

Anyway, I immediately hurdled out of the bathtub trying to avoid getting hypothermia. I reached for my towel but I hesitated for a second because I haven't properly steralized myself. It's totally gross, rubbing your day's old grime onto your last clean towel. But I said hell with it. I dried myself, then checked the other faucets in the house — bathroom, kitchen and the one in the back I like to call my artist's sink (aka mud room). Not a lick of hot water. I was confused. What was going on? Did I not pay the bills? I went online to check and discovered that I actually never signed up for gas service. Oops! The gas that's been running for the past month was from the previous tenant which expired while I was away. So I signed up and everything's back on now, but it took a week for the gas company to send someone out to flick the switch. That means, I endured a week-long of short cold showers. Brr. I never say this, but seriously, first world problems, for sure! Ha. That's all. Hope you enjoy these peeks of my new nest!