Happy December! So, the year's almost over. Let's make the most of it! Lately, I've been neglecting all aspects of work in order to spend more time with family and friends. Last friday I had no set plans. I thought maybe I'd catch up on American Horry Story with some Thai delivery but that wasn't the case.

Friday was epic. I went on a dinner date with my friend, Jab at The Parish, hopped over to the Individual Medley's holiday party to meet up with my gallery girls—Jen, Noelle, and Kim. Also at the party were the delightfuls—KristineVictoriaJessica. Smilebooth was there so we couldn't resist a fun picture. Check us out! Haha. Then, we grabbed some sweets and wine at Canelé. Their persimmon pudding was absolutely to die for. As if all that mingling wasn't enough, I went dancing afterwards until the weee hours. It was so much fun.

Saturday was kinda like a repeat of Friday. Dinner at the new restaurant Cortez in Echo Park, and then shimmy-shimmied with Sam Sparro at Bootleg Theatre. He was incredible live. Lots of energy, awesome and fun backup singers, and of course couldn't have done it without my dancing buddies—Tommy, David, Andres, and James.

Sunday, I had a photoshoot for Bunchmag. I don't consider it work because it was so much fun shooting with those bunch girls—Lani, Ashley, and Astrid. All and all, it was a spectacular weekend. Whew...link overload. Anyway, it's the holidaaaze so let's say yes to everything, indulge a little or a lot and have fun!