I went to Home Depot last weekend to pickup a few pieces of plywood to build my bedframe and while trying to search for some hardware, I walked into an aisle of tropical indoor plants for $12.99 so I couldn't resist buying that lush monstera deliciosa aka philodendron. I think I'm gonna head back and pick up more. They're so cheap and full! And they're very easy to take care of. I definitely need to replace one of my succulents that's looking grimmer than death. Poor thing. Luckily, my little air plant fella is still going strong even after not watering it for a couple months. I forget that they get thirsty too.

Anyway, I/m finally gonna build my bedframe this weekend. I have all the building blocks so I can't wait! Wish me lots of luck because it's my first time building anything from scratch. And IKEA furniture does not count. Alright, have a fantastic weekend my vintage vultures!