Last week, Beatrice and I met up with Jon and his pooch, Pepe. It was time those two had a play date. They didn't quite hit it off as I had hoped but they didn't hate on each other either. You see, Beatrice is an alpha dog. I mean, she's Queen Bea. The second she set her paws into Jon's home, she quickly took over and owned it like it was her new kingdom. She's not shy whatsoever and that's what I love about her. But that made Pepe feel slightly uncomfortable so he totally gave her space. Bea even claimed Jon like he was hers. Oh, those funny dogs. I was hoping they'd swap spit and get married right then and there. Oh well, matchmaker fail! Haha. I think they'll be besties after a few more dates. And Jon, those neon socks of yours are hot!