The moment we've all been waiting for. Get styling tips from the Jungalow Queen right over here. I've had the opportunity to work with Justina on many occasions and I've learned so much from her. Not just styling tips but also finding your voice. She has a great eye and truly inspires. Her worldly knowledge of art and design is immense. The woman knows her shizzle and she's not afraid to express it. This is a solid online class for anyone interested in styling five corners of your home without spending much. The class is only 20 bucks and goes for two weeks. You'll have the opportunity to engage with other students too. And students with the most successful spaces get a splash on Justina's pinterest and blog. So, c'mon, let's do the Jungalow! I just enrolled. Let's be classmates. More details and sign up here.

—photographs of Justina's home by yours truly.