Joinery is one my new favorite shops. There's not a single thing that I don't want in their living section. All the textiles are perfect. Great colors. Nice handmade quality. The textiles are like navajo inspired but totally refined. I feel like some of the borrowed southwestern designs lately can teeter into tackyville. These are wonderful. I like the simple styling going on too. I'm mostly eyeing their bedding.

And I like their brand message —
Joinery is a place where all kinds of good things come together. It's a collage of whimsy and restraint, an ode to vintage and a nod to experimentation, a mixture of the familiar with the exotic. Whether it's made of wood or cloth, whether it was found in our neighborhood or on a trip, we sell it because we admire its craftsmanship, respect its quality, appreciate its uniqueness, and the idea of it makes us happy.

Looks like they're located in NYC. I wonder if they have a brick and mortar because I'm heading out there next Friday and would love to see it in person. So yeah, I'm going to New York for five days! It's gonna be the first leg of my amazing birthday race. I'll be meeting up with Jon / Happy Mundane and Will / Bright Bazaar which I'm super excited about. Any bloggers wanna meet up too? Anyone want their awesome house photographed for a home tour for Old Brand New? I'm totally down. Hit me up!

Circles + triangles. I feel like I need to get them to make like a stop motion thing for the header.

Would be super cute in the bathroom.

This gold ring. They know me too well.

And women's clothes. I'd totally rock this color block dress, in that same couture pose too. The men's side isn't quite my style. I'm more of an OAK kinda guy.

I would actually get this but the huge artwork hanging next to my bed has all these colors in it. It would be too matchy matchy.


That could be Beatrice right over there! Such soothing colors. Reminds me of Seventy Tree (Kerry, so you!).

Twiggy mobiles. Cute.