I am totally digging Jaime Hayon's new Gardenias collection for BD Barcelona Design. In Jaime's new work, he turns terracotta planters into sculptures. It kinda reminds me of his showtime vases he did back in 2006. They're fun and whimsical. I especially like how the planters are paired with ranunculuses. I love his work and it's great to see snippets of his sketches for this collection. Marry me, Jaime! Let me also just say that Jaime is one of my favorite names. One of my classmates in fifth or sixth grade had that name. And every morning, my teacher did roll call and called out, Jaime (pronounced Hi-meh). I'd swoon. Anyway, enjoy the video with Jaime Hayon talking about his work. His spanish accent is sexy, yes? To view the rest of his Gardenias collection, visit Yatzer.
— Photos © Jaime Hayon & BD Barcelona Design

Happy Friday, my vintage vultures!