A few months ago, I had the wonderful opportunity to create living wall installations and photograph them in Barbara Bestor's new home in Silver Lake. We designed three living walls using the new Living Wall Planters from Woolly Pocket. Barbara's been a fan of Woolly Pockets from the get go and this is her second beautiful home where she let us collaborate with her on it.

We installed a huge edible garden outdoor right next to her pool. She has big sliding windows in her kitchen so whenever there's a breeze, it fills her home with scents of rosemary. Also, she can easily pick them from the window when she cooks with her family. Since Barbara Bestor favors mixing raw materials and vibrant colors, and creating a natural flow between indoors and out, it was a no brainer to install a couple smaller indoor living walls. Living wall planters are great ways to greenify your space even if you don't have much space, so garden up and create a lush living painting! Check out Woolly Pocket for more inspirations.

When I tiptoed into her home, I had an immediate emotional connection to it. This is the fabulous house I want to live in when I grow up. Huh...a boy can dream. It felt like I was looking into my future. Bestor's home is playful, colorful, and modern. And most importantly, practical. That's the power of Bestor. Her motto for her projects is that "everyone should experience strange beauty everyday." And as an urban nomad who itches to move every year, I can appreciate that she builds a new house for her family almost every five years. These photos are just a small sneak peek of her place when I was scouting for a good wall to install some Woolly Pockets. I couldn't resist snapping them. A couple artworks in her house are Margaret Kilgallen hanging on the brick wall, and a Coast Modern print in front of her Magenta door.

Barbara Bestor is an award winning architect. Some of her astounding projects are in Los Angeles, like the Intelligentsia Coffee, and other homes in Silver Lake. Bestor's book Bohemian Modern: Living in Silver Lake showcases those hidden gems.

Take a moment to watch this little clip of Barbara Bestor sharing her philosophies on life, relationships, and career. Video via Makers.