It's that special time of year again. Time to take your mom out and treat her a nice meal, or even better, cook her something delicious, then grab ice cream afterwards. We're staying in and I'm asking my mom to teach me how to make some of my favorite foods so I can pass that on to, I friends, my kids, you guys? I also plan on having a heart to heart talk with her. Like asking her about her childhood and what her life was like before she moved to the States. We rarely have those kind of moments because honestly, we don't have that kind of relationship. It was pretty rocky when I was growing up so it's time to patch up and catch up. It'll be interesting. Every year, I make my mom a card,  or at least I try to. This year, it's a sweet ice cream card because moms are indubidably the sweetest! And maybe these will be in the shop as well? About the shop, it's 75% complete. Almost there! Anyway, if you're in LA and don't know what to get your mom this year, there are a couple events happening — Unique LA and Echo Park Craft Fair.

Have a sweet & lovely weekend with your mommies!