When I was in New York last month, I stopped by Marimekko's flagship store in Flatiron. It was my first time in a Marimekko shop and boy was I in for a treat! It was an explosion of color and prints. Such a vibrant and happy place. I almost bought a pair of their converse collaborations but I didn't have room in my luggage. I did grab a copy of their spring issue on my way out though. The current issue features Marimekko's spring/summer 2013 collection plus a few interviews with designers and artists about the power of colour and how it affects us emotionally, and also the impact of colours in our daily habits. I decided to pluck some of the prints out to tape it on the wall. You can always count on Marimekko for colour inspirations and for bringing a bit of warmth and brightness to your day. I'm looking forward to more of these issues now that they recently opened up a store in Beverly Hills.