The long weekend sailed by so quickly! Heh, heh. On Saturday, I went on a fantastic sea adventure with Jen and her boothang Zorn. Here's one of the many awesome photos Jen took of me rocking on the boat. I was channeling my inner Aaliyah and the Talented Mr. Ripley. And on Sunday, I bowled a 178, my highest score ever! I'm hoping I maintain this momentum throughout the league. I'm taking this bowling thing pretty seriously. It's my new favorite thing and I can't get enough of it. And then on Monday, Zorn threw a rooftop bbq which I made some lemon bars from Victoria's recipe. They were a hit and I can't wait to share the recipe and photos with you. Such a great summer treat.

Thanks for all the wonderful comments on the new shop. So happy you guys liked it. Sweet thank you to those who snagged some pieces. I'll be shipping them this week and adding more goodies too.