Old Brand New is about to get a little steamy up in here. It is almost summer after all. I recently photographed for the new issue of Bunch Magazine. It was my first time shooting something so intimate but I had a wonderful team working with me so it was cool. Lauren was a great model to photograph. She reminds me a bit of Penelope Cruz a la Volver which made me channel my inner Almodovar. Such a great movie! Let's talk about the jewelry by George & Laurel, especially the rings. They're so fun and fabulous. And the intimate loungewears by L.H.O.O.Q are absolutely comfy. Grab a copy of the new issue here. Great roster of creative creatures working together in it.

Jewelry by George & Laurel
Intimates by L.H.O.O.Q
Styled by Ashley Tibbits
Model, Lauren Paez
Hair & Makeup by Lacy Leigh