I am completely moved out of my nest in Angelino Heights! I'm just wrapping up some projects before I hop on over to New York City. I'm currently floating around and crashing at friend's houses. First place I stayed was at Beatrice's kingdom, aka my ex-heartmate's home. Yes, we are still on good terms. We're best friends, for life. No hanky panky, I swear. He has a boyfriend now!

Anyway, I'm using his place to store some of my artworks. I knew he'd be down because his walls were completely naked and needed art, desperately, plus some major styling around the house, desperately. First challenge was to redo the entryway. The before picture is actually way better than the before before. It's too embarrassing to show you what it looked like. It had crap everywhere. It's pretty boring. He had a bench so it was a no brainer to do something like what I did with my Y-bench. I hung up the most colorful artworks because his place is total brown town. I painted the Alseda IKEA pouf and hung it up. Breaks up the grid. How cute are the little robots holding hands? I found the yellow guy from a flea market and the green one is from my friend Tommy. Helix bookcase from CB2.

In the bedroom, I got four IKEA poufs and turned it into a nightstand. Works great! I probably want to paint a few of those one day to break up all that natural tones. The green chevron rug is from Target. It was fun sprucing up the space. Beatrice will be super happy that it's totally in livable condition now. Ha. Next project will be my friends apartment in New York which I can't wait. We're already started picking out some of the furniture pieces from West Elm. I totally want their mobile chandelier. It's gorgeous!