The wonderfully talented Casey Keasler invites us over for a peek into her downtown Portland home and for a little chit chat about her creative journey. I first met Casey a couple years ago when she visited Los Angeles. She's super chill and easy going. I knew she'd be a homie. And when Justina and I went to Portland a few weeks ago, Casey generously offered her loft to us to stay since she was in L.A. designing for the new Tanner Goods location in the Arts District. Casey is an interior designer who also works on furniture designs. She's part of the Mazama crew too. That sounds pretty gangsta. Ha! Anyway, she's a true creative force. Check out her work and follow along her adventures on instagram. I've been wanting to photograph a home in black & white and Casey's place is perfect for it.

Hey Casey! I'd love to hear a little about your creative journey.

My mom jokes that my first word was Selft. A made up word I created to explain, I would do it myself. From a young age I learned I wanted to work for myself and knew it would be in the creative industry. I grew up in the Tennessee, went to design school in the south, spent my 20s in Colorado working as a designer in corporate type architecture firms then moved to Portland with an ex. Portland is where I reconsidered the way I wanted to live and also earn a living. Instead of spending 50 hours in front of a computer each week, which is what I was doing before, I balance that time with making products, doing installations and of course still interior design. I love the variety it creates. It keeps me on my toes, always learning how things work from all aspects; from concept to design to construction to experiencing a space.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

I’ve been all over the board with design influences but I keep going back to quiet, clean spaces. Spaces that are on the smaller side and have something a little unexpected. Too many things and my eye can’t rest or nothing feels special. Portland has been more supportive than I could imagine too. Everyone here is doing their own thing, so it’s inspiring but also an incredible talent pool for just about anything imaginable.

More importantly, how's the dating scene like, if say, someone like me wants to move to Portland? Haha kidding, but not really ;)

Dating in this city is intimate, for lack of a better word. It’s small and you’re likely to cross paths with a date or crush at some point, like it or not. The good news is there are a ton of good looking, talented, single people in this city who are always up for some fun.