I love purple sofas. It's not an easy color to work with because if you put yellow anywhere near it, it can scream Lakers. That was a challenge for me because I love yellow. I found my first purple sofa a few years ago and after Timmy and I broke up, you betcha I made sure I got full custody of my baby eggplant. And guess what, Timmy was so in love with it that he went out and got himself a custom-made purple sofa. What. A. Biter. I guess once you go purple you don't go...reversal? Heh heh heh. There's one on sale at Euro Style for $699. Not sure about the quality but it looks nice. And here are a few interiors with purple sofas. The one above is from Elle España.

Not crazy about the pillows or that coffee table but the wallpaper is so pretty. It could totally be reworked into something more modern and romantic.

I'm digging the purple and the blues. Maybe it needs a jute rug or something to soften up that floor. And the pillows can go too. Maybe I should start a hit or miss or love or hate section for interiors.

Interesting and odd. I like it.

Me and Beatrice. Photo by Marcia Prentice for Apartment Therapy.