Coming back to LA is always great because I get to eat delicious Asian food, catch up with friends, and most of all, I get to hang out with my 8 year old niece. Like most 8 year olds, they're rambunctious, curious and pretty obnoxious, too. Ha. They're a bundle of fun though.

On Sunday, we went to Home Depot to buy some pots and soil to plant seeds I got from Tinybop. She loves gardening and in less than four days, the wildflower blend started sprouting and she got so excited! She can't wait 'til the tomatoes grow so she can selfishly eat them all by herself because apparently these seeds are hers. That butthead!

So, Tinybop is an app for kids. And a really great one! My niece is pretty glued to her ipad and instead of having her play some questionable games, like minecraft or some dress-up fairy game, Tinybop is a fun learning app with beautiful plant and animal illustrations. Check it out for your kids!