You guys are probably wondering, "What do you mean? No cabinets in the kitchen!?"Have I lost my mind? Let me explain. I mean no upper cabinets. Like, just a full backsplash or open shelving. It really opens up the space and showcases those beautiful subway tiles or some beautiful collection of ceramics. I know it's hard to give up storage but if you purge a little, like toss out some of those mismatched plates, cups, and oh my god, how about cleaning out the seasoning cabinet. You know what I mean. 10 different brands of paprika, basil or some seafood seasoning. When did hoarding spices become a thing? I don't know about you but I'm gonna consolidate that mess after I finish with this post. Ha. Anyway, I am loving all these kitchens without (upper) cabinets. You feel me? Kitchen above designed by Jessica Helgerson.

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