Before + After • My Aunt's Living Room

Last week I went on a weekend ski trip with my boo’s friends in Breckenridge, Colorado. It was my second time skiing and I somehow felt comfortable doing the green run and I only fell once! It was terrifying but I did it! Yaaas! Afterwards, I decided to drive over to my aunt’s new home in Denver which is about two hours away. It’s been almost 10 months since she moved in and the place is still pretty much empty. She’s overwhelmed by how much space she has and doesn’t know where to begin. She’s starting fresh so that can be exciting and daunting at the same time. Most of us struggle with small spaces, but guess what, larger spaces ain’t that much easier to decorate either.

Once I arrived, took a quick look at the space and then we sprinted over to World Market, Target, Home Depot, Home Goods, and IKEA. I only had two days to help her so we did not mess around. This is a 24 hour makeover, y’all! The great thing about this room is that it’s a blank canvas. My aunt is really into clean lines and nothing too traditional looking. She’s seen my home and she loves my use of color so she wanted me to bring in some of that to her space. Funny thing is she would’ve never picked yellow but after seeing work in my home, she’s down for it.

Her sofa, coffee table, media unit, and floor lamp from Article had already arrived so that made things easier. Sweethanks to Article for hooking my aunt up with these really great pieces. She had been eyeing them so I reached out to them to see if they would kindly do a trade and they were so generous! The sofa has a classic shape and it’s versatile enough to do whatever you want with it. I’ve used Article pieces before and their quality, customer and delivery services are excellent.

She has a standard size sofa and the largest rug we were able to find was an 8x10. One way to pull this room together is to move the furniture away from the walls, which you can see how much better that looks versus furniture against the walls. That helps fill up the space.

We found those mustard yellow velvet curtains at IKEA. They’re 118” long and my aunt’s ceiling is 9ft. They’re way too long but I rather have long than short. I think it’ll look cleaner without the puddle but it’s fine for now. All the artworks are from Target. And the pillows are a mix from Target and World Market. I think this is a great starting point for my aunt. I hope this will help jumpstart her decorating other rooms! And that’s it! Easy peasy transformation done in 24 hours!

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