Switching it up with Adorne

We're partnering up with Legrand to show you how easy it is to up your light switch game with their new Adorne collection! I feel like light switches are often neglected in design. I even photoshop them out sometimes. And that's when you know, they're basic switches. Haha. But they don't have to be so basic. We spend a lot of time choosing paint color, tiles, or even light fixtures. Why not give them the love they deserve, especially since we use them every day?

The Adorn collection offers 32 wall plate finishes with some cutting edge switches to choose from. My heartmate and I used their room planner, which made it really easy to pick out the perfect ones for all our rooms. We decided to go with their beautiful, brushed brass wall plates and paired them with the whisper switch. And what a fabulous statement it now makes in our home! A total game changer. There will be no more photoshopping these switches out. 

It was easy to install the single switches, but we had a bit of trouble with all the wiring and the gang of switches in our front living room, so we had to get an electrician to do it properly. I just don't want to chance it, you know?

All about that brass and botanical! 

I mean, they're so pretty they deserve a frame around it! And I'm also all about dimmers! We love having friends over so gotta set the mood just right. Know what I mean, jelly bean? Seriously, flipping a switch has never been so fun!