The Best Chicken Wings in New Orleans • MOPHO

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One of my favorite parts of living in New Orleans is the ever-growing list of amazing places to eat, from cozy holes-in-the-wall to the most conceptual fine dining spots. And I love them all! But there’s one local haunt that totally has my heart. MOPHO (the name always makes me giggle) is a little joint in Mid-City that brilliantly combines Vietnamese cuisine with NOLA flair, like deep-fried anything and tons of seafood. 

With new, trendy restaurants opening (and closing) everywhere I look, MOPHO is a tried-and-true, reliably delicious comfort food spot that my heartmate and I know we can count on for a soul-satisfying meal. I kid you not when I say we eat there at least once a week, and a visit to MOPHO wouldn’t be complete for us without ordering the Crispy Chicken Wings. I know Louisiana is all about Southern-style wings but this version is more my speed — seasoned with nuoc mam caramel, lemongrass, and ginger, they’re savory, saucy, and yummy. We can’t get enough! It’s finger licking good!

Their pho is great, too. I love that you can create your own bowl by choosing a broth (beef with marrow, fowl, or vegetarian) and then customize it with ingredients like marinated roasted tofu, tendon, or mushrooms. My personal go-to is the veggie broth with grilled greens and a poached egg. And the cocktails here are not to be missed! The Tamarind Sour is the perfect mix of Southeast Asian and Louisiana flavors; it’s made with Sazerac rye, tamarind and honey syrup, and citrus. 

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