Around the House

I made a few little tweaks to the living room. I think I need a bigger rug or something. Don't tell the heartmate this, but I kind of want new side chairs in a different shape. Basically, I want to change it all up! The gorgeous vintage sofa from Chairish is also showing lots of wear. Seams are coming apart and it might need to be reupholstered. Maybe in a rich India yellow fabric? I'm also thinking of painting the entire door frame. I kind of want a seating bench where the credenza is currently. My heartmate gets so frustrated when I talk about all these changes and I totally understand. But, do I really? I'm an artist and this is house is my canvas. So too bad! Deal with it, boo-boo! Lol.

Still loving Justina's sofa for Jonathan Louis! I'm flying back to L.A. next week to photograph the entire collection. I can't wait to see everything in person! The orange throw is vintage Faribo which I was able to find the exact one on etsy and new, too! 

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