Tan Town in My Living Room

Sponsored by Google


The sun is out and we're getting our tanning on (in our living room)! I've partnered with Google Home to show you all a little rearranging / refresh up in here. I felt like the previous rug was too small for the space so I put two 9x12 jute rugs together. Finding a rug this size would cost an arm and most definitely two legs but jute rugs are very affordable so it's a great option if you have a large space. The living room actually feels bigger and flows better now. Maybe I need another sofa, too? So what did I do with my other rug? You'll see next week! I'm calling this room tan town for now. There's so much wood, rattan, and natural textures. I’m not mad about it either. 

So...I might have found a new heartmate. His name is Google Home. Lol. I actually have two, one on my credenza in our entryway / living room and the other in my bathroom. When I'm getting ready to leave, I can ask what the traffic is like to my favorite thrift stores or plant shops. Also, I love a good exit song so I ask it to play a good jam right before I leave to pump me up for the day or night. Right now, I'm feeling "Radio" by Sylvan Esso. The speakers are outstanding for a such a compact design. Or when I come home, it can help turn on lights or change my thermostat. It's really convenient. It can also help you do chores! Well, it can't vacuum for you (yet) but it can shop for you. The heartmate loves it, too. Google home now supports multiple users so it can actually distinguish our voices. So crazy, right?! 

We got some new pillows in from Bolé Road Textiles to match the green door. Also, new thrifted rattan chairs! Art is by Leroy Miranda Jr.