Choosing a Bold Color for Your Shed

Sponsored by
Pratt & Lambert


Last summer, we ripped apart our old patio / shed and built a fully covered, modern bohemian oasis. It’s been a wonderful addition to our home and we love lounging in it, but we still needed a standalone shed somewhere in our backyard to store our lawn mower and gardening accessories. We hired a contractor to build a raised shed with a basic, functional design. But as you can see, it desperately needed a bold color, one that also complimented the patio space. So we decided to partner with Pratt & Lambert for this painting project. There are four colors that I’m always drawn to; yellow, orange, green, and blue. I think any of those colors would’ve worked here but I’m still inspired by my trip to Morocco and wanted to channel the beautiful blues from Chefchaouen. It ties in perfectly with the faux tiles on the patio. 

Wanna see some before photos of our backyard? It was pretty bleak. The heartmate planted all the greens. He loves to garden and we have this mutual agreement where I get full creative control of the interior and he has full control of the exterior. Well, yes and no, because I still get to veto anything he does. It’s totally fair, right? Ha! 

I flipped through Pratt & Lambert®’s Color Conversationa quarterly online design publication, where Pratt & Lambert design experts highlight tried and true paint colors “to help spark your creative spirit as you develop your personal color story”. It was really helpful. From their Endless Summer story, I picked out a bold, cobalt color — Blueberry 26-16. We used Pratt & Lambert’s new and improved exterior paint, Accolade® Exterior Premium Paint & Primer to paint the shed an intense blue. This paint has superb hide and provides a mildew-resistant coating that is perfect for the wet weather in New Orleans. To add some contrast, I had the edges and ramp painted in Pratt & Lambert’s Designer White. I’m still figuring out what the best plants to put around it. I currently have two palms and a vine on the side. Maybe I want a vertical garden on the side instead?


I think our backyard is almost complete now! Isn’t it amazing what plants and some color can do to an outdoor space? The plants also create lots of privacy from our neighbors. It might be a little too overgrown and wild right now but I love it, because Jungalow! Do you guys like the blue? What other color by Pratt & Lambert do think would work on the shed?