One Room Challenge • Week Three

We are halfway towards the finish line! It’s been fun following along the other designers’ progress but it also makes me even more nervous cause I am clearly waaay behind. This week in our One Room Challenge guest house, we have lots of concrete and dust laying around. How about we call the guest house Dusty Dabs. Haha. We had to break up concrete to add plumbing for the bathroom. My dad loves plumbing work so that was easy for him to do. We also had to remove a couple of concrete steps which took forever. That alone set us back two days. But I’m not pressed. We will make it work! 

Good news, the bathroom walls are up! And we added a small sliding window where the exterior door used to be. We also put in a window on the left corner which brightens up the whole space. This is where I plan to create a little desk / work situation. We should probably move the washer and dryer out before we ruin it. We’re trying to squeeze in as many loads before relocating it into our house.

Pretty brass hardware from Emtek and artworks from Minted arrived!

All the difficult stuff is now out of the way and will move faster once the hardwood floors, tiles, cabinets, and lights arrive. This season is a nail biter for reals. It’s like the new American Horror Story and I need some serious Supreme help. Or like watching last night’s Dodgers game. Alright, let’s hope by next week we will have the bathroom finished, hardwood floors installed, and possibly kitchen started? Easy peasy! And not very design related but on my to-do list is to get a split A/C system installed. Come back next week for some major progress!

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