My New Storage Room

Sponsored by The Home Depot

Welcome to my new storage room, aka soon-to-be-office, aka gift shop! Ha! Earlier this year, we transformed our old storage space under our home into a laundry room and dog washing station. Well, we decided to add an entirely new space next to it so I can store all my props, art, and textiles. We’re excited to once again partner with our favorite, The Home Depot for this project. Let me jog your memory of what this used to look like.

There was nothing here so my dad framed it out, added new drywall, and foundation. And bam! Old Brand New storage space! It’s about 16 ft x 4 ft. It’s a bit narrow but still plenty of space for me to store lots of stuff!

For flooring, we chose engineered bamboo floors from The Home Depot. It’s a rich walnut color. They were really easy to install. Just click, lock, and done! We’ve always preferred bamboo floors because they’re super durable and scratch resistant. These are also water resistant which is great since it’s close to the laundry room. We didn’t have to use any glue, just a roll of underlayment.

To maximize storage space, I installed shelving along the wall. These ladder bookcases are also from Home Depot. Aren’t they great?! And so easy to install, too! They also come in black frames but I like how the white makes the wood look like they’re floating.

And finally! I get to have a wall of Binga baskets! Now, every time I come down here, I’m reminded of all the places I’ve traveled. It’s pretty fun. Who wants to come shop Old Brand New?! I might put a desk down here and turn it into a small office space. It’s kinda perfect because it’ll feel like I’m leaving the house for work. Sweethanks to The Home Depot for helping us get our home organized and looking beautiful!