My friend in NYC was very generous to let me crash at his shoebox studio for three months in exchange for some decorating help. First thing I did was I burned his ugly futon. No one over the age of 22 should have a futon! He's 31. I got him to invest on a few key pieces, like, the Acorn bedframe from West Elm and the Avec sofa and Dylan bench from CB2. I painted his radiator my trusty yellow(rust-oleum). I bedazzled some vintage military buttons onto the tufted sofa. Looks great, right?! The biggest challenge was working with his 40" TV. It was a monster for such a small space. So, to conceal it, I painted the brick faux fireplace a dark navy blue and mounted the TV on it. I didn't get a chance to snap a photo but I assure you it looks much better. Anyway, my friend is a happy bunny. Everyone wins!