I just discovered a bunch of inspiring interiors designed by Architecture Ensemble, an architectural studio based in New York City. I love the consistent black and white contrast they inject in many of their designs. The inky doors and trims are sophisticated. Black walls have been trendy for awhile but these dark accents feel classic to me. The spaces aren't overly designed either. They're a tasteful mix of traditional and contemporary. And I enjoy seeing larger designed spaces because I can use all the inspiration I can get for my new home.

I'm digging the mix of indigo and caramel in the living room. Maybe I could do something similar for my kitchen? Would that be weird? And the subway tiles on the walls to the right are a nice touch.

This beautiful bathroom is money! The gold pipe under the sink. Honey comb tile tub. Combination of tiles. Dead to the dead. Just outstanding work, Ensemble Architecture!