Fleeting Moments

The New Bohemians made it on the New York Times Best Seller list! Going strong for three months now. I can't believe it. Justina and I are beyond excited and so grateful for all the love and support. Thank you everyone for buying a copy! And if you haven't, grab one on amazon and share it with us on instagram using #thenewbohobook. We love seeing how everyone is styling it in their spaces. 

@itsmichaelchan stopped by New Orleans for some fun and beignets! He snapped this of me with a West Elm chair. Yeah, we brought our own chair to Cafe Du Monde because we're crazy like that.

The Curious Oyster at St. Roch Market

I thought this was really beautiful in a spooky way and the more I stared at it, it reminded me of the Mercedes-Benz logo. You hear that, Mercedes? I'd love to collaborate with you guys! Kidding...kinda. haha But for reals, I need a car in NOLA!