Small Living Room Updates

Hello vintage vultures! Guess what? We got new tiles for our small living room! Fancy, right? Alright, I'm just BS-ing, but they do kinda look like tiles, don't they? Tiles are the new everything right now. I'm especially loving Justina's new kitchen in her jungalow by the river. So, I decided to pick a rug that's tile-y instead of actually pulling up these brand new hardwood floors. This is an 8x10 rug from Rugs Direct. It's their Jaipur Scandinavia-Nordic rug. What do you guys think? We had planned to put it in the kitchen initially, but after thinking it over, it'll probably get destroyed by my heartmate because he's a very clumsy bunny. I can't take him anywhere. I decided to stick it in here instead. It definitely brightens up the space. This is a great way to add that tile effect to any room without breaking the bank because tiles are expeeensive!

I also changed up the layout. Instead of having the sofa against the windows, I now have it against the wall, so that my heartmate and I can enjoy watching our pups play in our backyard. We spend most of our time in here because it's an intimate space with the best lighting so it's conducive to game nights and lounging around. But wait till you see what we're doing in our big living room with more rad rugs from Rugs Direct! They have so many beautiful pieces and so reasonably priced, too. I'm working with them on doing three different rooms for you all. Next week, I'm gonna share my favorite 8x10 rugs for under $500. Stay tuned! 


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Photography + Styling by Dabito
Sponsored by Rugs Direct