New Drawing with Fiber

I just hung up my new drawing with fiber titled Central which refers to the Central in Hong Kong. I used to fly to HK three times a month when I was a flight attendant with Cathay Pacific but after I quit in 2010, I haven't been back and I really, really miss it. I didn't have HK in mind when I was weaving this together. It started as an excercise of shapes and colors. It was my first big piece so I was testing out different ways to work the fibers into the paper. After I finished, that mid-section resembles the Bank of China Tower. This was framed by Simply Framed. Again, they did an outstanding job framing it in the light walnut. It matches the lamp shades perfectly. We just found these gorgeous, vintage ceramic lamps from Algiers Flea Market last weekend.

Next week, we're doing a giveaway with one of my drawings with fiber and framed by Simply Framed!