One Year in Our NOLA Home

We're celebrating one year in our New Orleans home! It's so fun to see the slow transformation. Check out my first post on our home here. I'll be honest, it wasn't easy decorating this place. My heartmate and I got into a few heated arguments about lights, sofas, rugs, artworks. He's really into interiors so it's been a struggle. I've said this before, it's like living with a difficult client. Ha!  

We've updated most of the lights. I found these brass beauties from Sazerac Stitches who happens to live in New Orleans, too.

Guest bedroom all ready for you!


I replaced those damn ceiling fans. I fought hard to get rid of them because we never turned them on, so bye, Fan-icias! I'm still having trouble bringing this room together. It's a big fat hodgepodge. I'm all for eclectic but something's not jibing. Also, debating about adding curtains in the living room. What do you guys think? So happy about painting the outside railing. Next up is the house. We're still leaning towards navy. 

The lounging room is so bright and airy! I kind of miss it. Maybe it's time to go back to white or another color this year. 

This is our little mud room. Moved the old tv unit there for now because we got a 60 inch tv. 

No new photos of our kitchen because it hasn't changed. We plan on making some budget-friendly updates to it this year though!