My Favorite Plant Shop in New Orleans • Harold's

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My affinity for plants is no secret — there’s hardly a space in my home that’s not decorated with a bit of greenery. Hello, Jungalow! But since I’m decidedly the green thumb in the house (my heartmate has many talents, but tending to house plants just isn’t one of them), and have to travel around a lot for work, there are many times my plant babies just aren’t getting the TLC they need. Recently, after a particularly lengthy bout of globetrotting I came back to New Orleans to find that my dracaenas, pothos, and bromeliads had seriously gone south. Thank goodness for Harold’s Plants, my local go-to for greens. Not only is the staff at this small business always more than happy to help and super knowledgeable about botany, but I can always count on Harold’s to find the lush, leafy goodness I’m craving to make my space come to life.

Stopping by the shop was one of the first things on my to-do list after my two-month long time away from home. I browsed their incredible selection of dracaena varieties, and succulents. While we were there, the helpful employees even gave me and my boo a few tips to keep our new plants more vibrant and healthy for longer (let’s hope he was paying attention for the next time I have to go away for a while!). Besides all that, a trip to Harold’s is just pure eye candy — from the Instagram-ready mural to the large outdoor space filled to the brim with flora of every kind — philodendron, bougainvillea, and cacti, oh my!

One of the best parts of shopping at Harold’s is supporting a small, local business, something that’s always super important to me. It’s an especially great time to spend at the shop — as an enrolled American Express Blue Cash Everyday Card member, I can enjoy my usual cash back on everyday purchases, and I can also earn even more rewards from now through December 31st as part of Amex’s #ShopSmall for 2X Rewards initiative, which encourages shoppers to spend at their local, independently owned businesses, like Harold’s! But this sweet deal isn’t just for Blue Cash Card holders — check here to see all the Amex cards that get to take advantage of the 2X rewards. Don’t have an American Express card yet? Amex even has this handy-dandy map that shows you what independently owned shops in your area are included in the #ShopSmall offer, just enter your address and find out all the places you can Shop Small for 2X Rewards. I couldn’t think of a better time for this offer, with the holidays in full swing; I get to give a little love to small businesses, and put a little extra cash in my pocket at the same time. Win win, am I right?

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