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These days it’s so easy to keep our memories within the confines of the digital world, like in our smart phone photo albums, on our favorite social media platforms, and maybe occasionally passed around via email or text message. Images, even those of totally memorable moments, seem to primarily live in the digital world. Even as someone who studied photography, and who considers themselves a total camera nerd (I’m guilty of this) and maybe for many of us that’s because we’re not sure how or where to get our digital pics printed and framed — and how to do so affordably. 

Recently I visited Iceland with a couple of my closest gal pals. Needless to say we all took a ton of photos, most of which were captured on our phones. When it came time to decide what to gift them for Christmas, a beautifully printed and framed photo from the trip seemed the perfect solution. Thankfully I discovered Framebridge, which offers quick, quality, and super affordable framing options. 

You can also send in physical prints and photos to be framed, which got me thinking I should finally bust out some of my old college works and get them framed as well. I miss those good old printmaking days. Framebridge did such a gorgeous job with all of these! I love how my series of faces turned out with the gold frames. I chose to float mount many of my prints because I love to see the paper edges. 

Anywhos, there’s still time for you to send in your prints or digitals to give a loved one for the holidays this year. In fact, I can even offer a little more incentive to do so. Use the code “OLDBRANDNEW15” and save 15% on your first Framebridge order. "YAAAS!" If you’re looking to get your framed goodies back in time for Christmas, just make sure to send in any prints by December 4th, or any digitals by December 18th. I can’t think of a better gift to give this year than that of expertly framed sentimental moments or artwork — and I can’t wait to share my newly framed pieces with the ones I love. 

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