Make Your Home Smarter With Google Home

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When I’m not traveling, I’m trying to spend as much quality time at home with my heartmate as I can. Unfortunately, I’m also often working from my house — which means that I need my space to be conducive to multitasking. So lately I’m super focused on making my home work with my busy schedule, not against it.

A major part of my plan to create a “smarter” home is with Google Home . It’s a voice-activated speaker that lets me set alarms, control the thermostat or play my favorite song all without having to touch a button. That leaves my hands free to run around the house snapping photos, taking calls and responding to emails. And it’s designed to look great in my house! As someone who obviously takes a lot of pride in curating my space, it’s super important that any objects I have in the house be seamless with the rest of the design aesthetic I’ve created. Since Google Home is small, sleek, and minimal, you barely know it’s there. That said, I’m also happy to display mine openly, since its modern design and customizable base actually makes it a stand out accessory — one that also happens to be a total lifesaver.

Some of the many things that this device can do for you include creating lists (to-do lists, grocery lists, etc), setting a timer or alarm, playing music or podcasts, and even controlling some gadgets (like lights, the television, or appliances). For someone like me who’s constantly on the go, Google Home is something that makes my life that much easier. And now is an ideal time to try Google Home, or give it to someone on your holiday gift list, since the company is offering six months free trial of YouTube Red with your purchase which means in addition to all the things this device can do, you (or whomever you’re gifting it to!) can enjoy the uninterrupted music, ad-free and offline videos, original programming and more that this service has to offer.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to organize the rest of my shopping list, set an alarm for my soup simmering on the stove, and crank up the heat in here, all while jamming out to my favorite christmas album by Ella Fitzgerald — thanks to my new favorite gadget.

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