Beats & Botanicals with House of Marley

If there is something I'm addicted to, it's music. Okay, and plants, too. I need my music playing in the background and foreground, like, all day, erryday, whether I'm at home, in the car, or on the plane. It seriously gives me life. That, and I just love making playlists. I've already created one for my wedding four years ago, and I'm not even engaged! Haha. Music has played a major role in my life. It's carried me through lots of great times and and through even tougher times. From Portishead, TLC, Faye Wong, Sarah Mclachlan, Garbage, to Whitney Houston. I have vivid memories for each of those artists. It's crazy how a song can pinpoint a time in your life.

Thankfully, my heartmate is all about music as well and 99% of the time, he loves what I play. He's actually a huge reggae fan. I still remember when we started texting about meeting up in Montauk for our first date. He was already out there and he mentioned he was at some bar for reggae night and I was kind of impressed. Anyway, since we're talking about reggae, I've teamed up with The Jungalow to create this fun editorial for House of Marley. And just in time for Father's Day, you can use the code DAD20 for 20% off everything in the shop.

There's no better way to boost your life than with awesome beats and botanicals. Am I right? House of Marley makes some superior sounding audio systems and they're really beautiful to boot. I love that they're all made from sustainable materials, so they're earth-friendly, too. 

The Get Up Stand Up speaker in Justina's boho kitchen. Doesn't it look great on her reclaimed wooden shelves?

The One Foundation system is a show stopper. This is where the sound comes through crystal clear and as sharp as cactus. The sleek and modern design jibes perfectly with plants and my mid-century wall unit.

This is the portable bluetooth Get Together speaker in a lighter natural bamboo wood front. All the speakers are bluetooth so it makes it very straight forward and simple to connect to your phone and start jamming to tunes. We are definitely gonna rock out with this in our patio this summer.

Not only do they make speakers they also have bluetooth headphones. Word on the street is that the new iPhone 7 will not have an audio jack, which means your headphones will be bluetooth. A life with fewer cords. I'm all about it. 

This post was sponsored by House of Marley. Get 20% off everything with code DAD20 for Father's Day.