Small Guest Bedroom Update with Leesa

We've been renting our home whenever we go on vacations. Thank god we haven't had any nightmare stories, like guests having wild parties! *knockin' on that wooden accent table* It has taught me how to be a better host and how to make rooms feel welcoming and most of all, functional. We had a twin bed in our smallest room. I thought it would be fine but after a few guests gave me feedback that it was too small, I decided to switch it out for a full size. And it was perfect timing when the awesome Leesa mattress company reached out to collaborate.

I ordered my full Leesa mattress online and it arrived in a week. It's the perfect firmness. The mattress uses layers of memory foam and it's designed to adapt to all body shapes and sizes and all sleeping styles. What's great is that their mattresses are vacuum packed, boxed and shipped straight to your home. It's 100% risk-free which includes a 100 night in-home trial with a full refund policy. You can't go wrong! Two of our guests loves it. And by guests, I mean our pups, Luigi and Sterling! Haha. Leesa has a promotion right now where you get $75 off your mattress + $25 Target eGiftCard with code: Sunshine100. 

What also sets Leesa apart is their social impact program.

Leesa donates one mattress to a shelter for ever 10 they sell. Leesa has donated more than 5,000 mattresses to people who needed a place to sleep. 


I feel like most guest bedrooms are kind of a mess. They become a dumping ground for all the stuff you no longer love but can't seem to toss out, or maybe even things from your exes. Those have gots to go!

Here are some before photos of the bedroom. My heartmate thinks I shove all his things in there that I don't approve of. Haha...which is kinda true. No tea no shade! The left photo was when we first moved in with an update a few months later. That twin bed does look teeny tiny with that sad, lonely pillow. Time for an upgrade!


I was inspired by Alexander Girard's colors in his designs.

Here's what I had in mind for this little makeover. I wanted to paint the walls a subtle teal. My heartmate wasn't thrilled about that idea so I skipped the painting. But if you look at the first photo, the grey walls actually picked up from the greens and it looks pretty close to what I wanted. And guess what? My heartmate is now giving me thumbs up as I'm typing this. He eventually comes around. So, what do you think? Should I just paint the whole room including all the trims?! I also think I want some woven shades.


What would we do without colorful pillows and plants? They're such cheap and easy ways to add color to a space. 

I added more pillows to make the bed look bigger and cozier. If you look closely, there are actually seven pillows. Too much? Never! Two are under the pink and orange pillows. And I also jumped on the sconce trendwagon! Found these brass sconces for $60. 


Corner ladder for our guests to hang their towels and clothes. 


In collaboration with Leesa
Get $75 off your Leesa mattress + $25 Target eGiftCard with code • Sunshine100