Mudroom Makeover with method

Alright, my vintage vultures, are ya'll ready to see my mudroom makeover? I was totally channeling some Joanna Gaines there. Ha! Gotta love that woman. Anyways, I've partnered up with the awesome method for their #FearNoMess campaign to share our vibrant transformation. I figured it was time to inject a little bit of color into this mundane room to make it more exciting. I'm totally on a colorful door kick!

Since I already did yellow and green, I went with a blush which was inspired by this rug I found a couple months ago from the Rose Bowl flea market. I picked up a quart of Sherwin Williams Dishy Coral in showcase semi-gloss. And it just so happens to also match the color of the method pink grapefruit all-purpose cleaner

When it comes to painting, my heartmate always freaks out whenever I get paint drips on the floor. No matter how meticulous my painting might be — even with a drop cloth — paint never fails to find its way onto the floors. It happens. But you know what, fear no mess cause method's got your back! Okrrr! I've learned to clean it up quickly with a squirt of method's all-purpose cleaner. It works really well. I've always been a fan of method products. Their cleaners are animal friendly, which is perfect for our pups, and they're made from biodegradable ingredients, so they're environmentally friendly, too. And they smell delicious to boot!

Here's how to make a huge impact to your mudroom without breaking the bank. Add a splash of color to your door. It's summertime, so don't play it safe when there are so many fun colors out there to choose from. Pick a graphic rug that's got a hint of that paint color to tie the room together. Add botanicals (here, I have a yucca and a philodendron leaf), hang a tassel on the door handle, place a stool under a console, and bam!



Old Brand New • Mudroom Makeover


Paint • Sherwin Williams, Dishy Coral (showcase semi-gloss)
Rug • Rose Bowl Flea Market
Large artwork • The Posters
Small artwork • St. Frank
Large vase • Fab
Roostco brass calendar • As Of Now
Pendant light • Schoolhouse Electric
Peruvian pom pom tassel • InkaNunaPeru
Carved wood console • World Market
Plants • Yucca, philodendron, sanseveria

Sponsored by method