Old Navy Style in New Orleans

Two years ago, I met my heartmate in New York (Montauk) on our first date. And by our third date, we moved in together...in New Orleans! I love telling people our story because it sounds pretty crazy. But when the timing and the person is right, you just gotta do it! I can't believe it's been exactly two years now in New Orleans. It's definitely been a change of pace for me. The city is so vibrant and festive. The homes are some of the most colorful I've ever seen, in the most unexpected ways. What’s interesting is that for someone who’s obsessed with injecting color into home decor, I never used to wear much of it. I'm from Los Angeles and also lived in New York City for a hot second, so my typical wardrobe is black on black and on more black. 

But that has changed now and I've partnered with Old Navy for the their #50Styles50States project to share with you how my style has evolved ever since I moved to New Orleans. I think just being surrounded by all the bold and unexpected colors in this city — especially in the French Quarter, Marigny and Bywater — has truly inspired me to embrace color in my wardrobe. Now, I like to blend in with the architecture! Yellow on yellow! Ha! 

New Orleans weather can be very unpredictable. It can go from sunny to torrential downpour and back to sunny in just a few minutes, so it's always a good idea to have a rain jacket handy, like this lightweight yellow anorak. When it's not pouring though, I'm all about a snappy casual look, which is laid back yet stylish. I like to pair either a light blue or indigo linen shirt (loosely rolled up, perfect for the heat and humidity) with navy denim, then dress it up with oxfords for an effortless style. I love this city and can't believe it took me this long to get me to start wearing color.

How has your city changed your style? Feel free to share your style with #50Styles50States. For more inspiration, check out the other state styles here.

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