On-The-Go with SWISSGEAR

Summer may be winding down but that doesn't mean traveling needs to take a back seat. I've been hopping back and forth from New Orleans to Los Angeles so often that I feel like I'm a flight attendant again. Those were some fun times! Anywhoppers, I'm gearing up for a 2-month long trip to L.A. for a few work-related projects, plus a super secret one with The Jungalow. Can you take a wild guess? More on that soon!

With all this traveling, I'm all about efficiency, like, making sure how to go through TSA quickly and with the fewest bins. It drives me bonkers that laptops need to be in a separate one. So when I discovered that SWISSGEAR has a scansmart TSA backpack, I was like, "YAAAS!" There's a separate slot where you simply lay it flat for it to go through TSA x-ray. It's life changing. It also has all the pockets for my camera gear as well. It's now my go-to backpack for work and play.

I also got my heartmate a scansmart backpack in grey because we'll be going on a seven day camping trip in Utah in November. It'll be my first time camping so I'm excited! SWISSGEAR also makes some high-quality luggages. Rolling along with me to L.A. is this soft sided carry-on

Alright, my vintage vultures, what are some of your smart traveling tips I should know about? 

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