One Room Challenge Week 5

We are one week away from the full reveal! The dining room is 90% done and it's looking so chic. I can't wait to show you everythaaang! I need to Dabify it with some greenery, of course. 

Today, I'm gonna show you some artworks and sconces I'll be hanging in the dining room. They're from local creatives here in New Orleans so let's go on a little studio visit. First up, meet Leroy Miranda Jr. I went over to his studio in Marigny to pick out my favorite paintings. Those two pieces up there are so gorgeous.

Leroy's home is also pretty rad! Maybe we'll do a home tour someday.

Too much beauty and inspiration overload. He also makes sculptures and does a lot of mix media. His works remind me a lot of Cy Twombly and Rauschenberg. 

Here's a piece that I got back from a local framer, Avenue Art and Framing. I wanted this mounted and floated like a canvas in a gold frame so they were able to make it happen. I love the no plexiglass look. Go check out more of Leroy's works and follow him on Instagram! Also, our little triangle panel moulding is up!

Next up is Sazerac Stitches. I have their chandeliers hanging in my living room and also bathroom. I love their fixtures and Kirsten is the sweetest! She's helping me make custom Dab candle sconces for the dining room. I didn't want to run extra electrical so we're going this route instead. I think it's gonna look great! Follow them on Instagram to see more of their work.

Look what finally arrived! The chandelier from The Mine in all of its 35 pounds of amazingness. Next week can't come soon enough! 

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