Patio Update

Just a quick update on my painted faux tiles in the patio. It's been about four months after what feels like a thousand storms that came for New Orleans. And guess what? All that labor of love has held up beautifully! There are a few scuffs but those were from my wild birthday party. I had 20 people over and we were a hot mess. Still, it held up even after all that. I also got a bunch of new Kilim pillows from eBay. All for under $20. The Moroccan pouf is from my girl, Flea Market Fab. Check her out. She has fabulous sales every Sunday. Oh, and all my ferns are still alive! It's all about that drip irrigation, I tell ya. It's worth it. So yeah, I hope you guys are considering doing the same. I'm actually gonna help my friend, Han do it in her patio, too. 

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