Summerlicious Soirée

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As soon as I finished laboring over our brand new painted tile floor, I knew a celebration was in order. Last year I started the tradition of throwing an end-of-summer soirée and it seemed like with our outdoor space looking better than ever, it was the perfect time to throw a summerlicious party. 

Having our crew of friends over to the house is nothing new, we love to entertain! But I wanted this bash to be a little different: a New Orleans style feast where I didn’t have to lift (or fry!) a finger in the kitchen. Haha. That’s where Grubhub is a total lifesaver. Honestly I did so much work hand-painting the patio that I thought I deserved a bit of pampering. With Grubhub I can get all my favorite local dishes delivered right to my door. So as I started to plan my annual soirée, I knew it would be my secret party weapon. Consider it an #uncookout! Yaaas! 

My heartmate and I invited about ten of our homies over for the festivities. I couldn’t settle on just one style of food so I ended up ordering from five different restaurants (also I didn't want to bog one down with a huge order). Our spread included fried chicken, grilled shrimp skewers, veggie wraps, salads, Cuban sandwiches, cupcakes and macarons for dessert. The fact that Grubhub took care of the food meant I could focus on the other duties of hosting an intimate bohemian backyard party, like decorating. I think the best kind of decor for any summer outdoor party is to layer bright, citrus-colored textiles, like Peruvian rugs and Moroccan pillows to imbue a sense of cozy cheerfulness. And definitely use plants to create an oasis.  

When the food arrived I simply plated them on pretty, ceramic platters and cake stands. I covered a table with some white linen and made a buffet spread in my backyard. I also whipped up a fresh batch of Mezcal margaritas, and then got to actually enjoy eating, drinking, and hanging with my friends for once—without having to fuss! I couldn’t believe how much easier hosting this party was. Throwing a party, even for just ten people is not easy. So using Grubhub was super helpful on having food delivered and on time, too.'s like having a party catered. It's pretty awesome. I might just have to make Grubhub a fixture at all my parties from here on out! Labor Day weekend is coming up so y'all should try it out!

And check out this fun video my friend Stuart Sox created for our summerlicious soirée!