How We’re Keeping the Air Healthy for our Pups (and Ourselves) with Molekule

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There are so many things I love about our home: it’s close to my friends and family, the weather is almost always perfect, and we’re in close proximity to every kind of adventure imaginable — from mountain hikes to desert escapes. But there’s one major downfall of living in the city that all Angelenos constantly lament: the air quality. The area is notorious for its pollution and smog — and I’ve got to admit, it’s a big problem. That’s why I jumped at the chance to partner up with Molekule and try out their portable air purification system in our home.

Poor air quality affects us all, but my heartmate Ryan also happens to have allergies that make him especially sensitive. Since moving here, it’s been a big adjustment for him. His throat is always sore, his nose and eyes are dry, and he’s always sneezing. And besides the health problems that the allergens in the air can cause, we also happen to have pups that love to get their fur on absolutely everything.

Our pups, Luigi and Sterling not only sleep in our bed with us, but they also like to lay on anything soft and shed like crazy. The dogs are basically our kids, so not snuggling with them, or even restricting where they can hang is not really an option (let’s be honest, they run this place after all!).

And let’s not forget our home renovations. We’re redoing our master bathroom and our in-law suite so the place is covered in so much dust from the particle boards. Because of the pet dander, the smoggy air, and everything else floating around that can compromise our health, using Molekule has been a complete game-changer.

If you know me, you know that design is important, and that’s not something we had to sacrifice when introducing the Molekule air purifier into our home. I love the little leather strap and sleek aluminum body, which makes it blend perfectly into our décor without looking like some clunky machine. But beyond the way it looks, it’s also incredibly effective and portable. The dual filters can eliminate dust, bacteria, dander, mold, and viruses within 600 feet. And it couldn’t be easier to use. There’s a user-friendly touch screen, but because I’m a gadget guy, one of my favorite things about our Molekule is that I can operate it on my phone via the app — gotta love having a smart home! On top of all those pros, the air purifier is much more energy efficient than similar products, which means in addition to saving natural resources, using it also saves us some money.

For all these reasons Molekule has truly transformed our home. And now with improved air, our L.A. pad feels like a much healthier place to live. Now, if only it could help out with traffic. Haha!

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